Zahras Oriental Dance Studio
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authentic-Egyptian dance style


Zahra comes from Algeria and she has been dealing with the oriental dance since her childhood. In 1978 she was the first Arabic pioneer to teach the authentic-Egyptian dance style. Innumerable well-known dancers were trained by her. 1984 - 1989 she was an associate and the main dancer in the Arabic restaurant ARABESK in Munich. 1990-1993 she ran her own dance studio. At the end of 1993-1996 her dream to perform in Egypt came true. Since October 1996 she has been teaching in Munich again, since April 1998 in her own studio. Zahra gives successfully dancing workshops all over Germany and abroad and performs in the big events like the 4th oriental dance festival of Europe in 1991 in Frankfurt. Videos like the Shimmy-video from NESTLÉ and her appearances on TV contributed to her fame. In the year 2003 Zahra celebrated her 25 anniversary as a dancer and a teacher. In July 3, 2004 she was a prize winner of the HALIMA Professional Magazine for oriental dance. In February 2006 she taught the oriental dance to a group of ballet- and jazz dancers in the famous circus Zirkus Krone.

Zahra conveys precise sophisticated technique

Her classes are dynamic, full of expression and are based on the free dance. Zahra conveys precise sophisticated technique as well as the feeling for the Arabic music, connected with the passion for the dance.

Zahra is a very versatile dancer

Zahra is a very versatile dancer. Her repertoire ranges from Raqs Sharqi to classical, from Balady (Egyptian folklore) and Saiidi (cane dance) to her inimitable candle dance (she dances to a drum solo while balancing a tray full of burning candles on her head). Her style is unmistakable. Her thrilling temper infects everyone. Zahra dances with body and soul.

!!! New at the studio !!! – Salsa with Beatriz Juscamaita Allende

professional pop dancer


Beatriz is a professional pop dancer and percussionist from Santiago de Cuba.  She got her dancing education in La Habana at the Company Gaviota and Cabaret Parisienschool. Beatriz has worked as a  solo dancer with various groups like  „Sabor Latino“, „La Gloria Matan-cera“, „La Hora del Gordo“ and „De donde Son“.
She has been living in Munich since 1997 and working as a dancer, percussionist and dancing instructor. Beatriz possesses the rhythm feeling typical of her motherland and   involves live-percussion in her classes to ensure the better understanding of the rhythms. Tel: 089/89744871 oder 0162/4926468

Further teachers in the studio

experienced trainer for beginners


Nina comes from Ukraine. She has been living in Germany since 2003. Dancing is her passion since her childhood.When she was 15, she began to dance classical Indian dance. Her friendship with libanese people in Ukraine brought her to the orintal dance. Her extraordinary talent allowed her self-study of oriental dance with help of videofilms. Zahra put the finishing touches to her skills and Nina became soon one of her best students. Nina is an experienced trainer for beginners. She conveys mild female moves and the feminine radiance of the oriental dance.

Voices of the Press

"With perfection, as a danceer, she gave the sensefullness of this oriental dance an amazing expression and left behind a cheering audience."

"The gracefulness of her snaklike movements, the great look of her waving body in coherence with the rhythm, her phantastic Dance and, above all, her often mentioned Shimmy (fast hip shaking) enchants the audience over and over again."