Zahras Oriantal Dancing Studio
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When I dance, my body and the music are united

The oriental dance, in Arabic Raks Sharqi

Dear friends of the oriental dance and Arabic culture,

I am very pleased to welcome you in my studio! Let's meet us in my small oasis for the oriental dance, come closer to the Arabic culture and dedicate us to the oldest dance in the history of mankind. The oriental dance, in Arabic Raks Sharqi, is an art form, which is not only healthy for the body, but also a cure of the soul. Thanks to this dance we become more agile, more feminine, more graceful and more self-confident. The dance loosens the entire body, especially the abdomen. It is the best medicine for the back and the spinal column.

The oriental dance has different facets. It can be calm and relaxing or strong and vivacious. Besides, this dance does not know any age-limits or body-differences. It is the ideal therapy for every woman. The special fascination of this dance lies in the feeling the harmony of body and music.

Come and experience the joy and pleasure of this beautiful dance!